THE first 14 third class air-conditioned coaches built by Transmashholding International for Egyptian National Railways (ENR) have been officially inaugurated by president Abdel Fattah el-Sissi during a visit to Alexandria.

They are the first from a total of 500 third class coaches included within an overall 1300-coach order that will be delivered to Egypt as part of a €1bn contract signed in September 2018.

The inauguration marks the start of the second phase of deliveries, covering 800 air-conditioned coaches. The forthcoming deliveries will include 500 third class, 180 second class and 90 first class coaches that will all be built at the TMH factory in Dunakezsi, Hungary. 30 restaurant coaches will be built in Tver, Russia.

The first phase of the contract was for 500 third-class coaches with dynamic ventilation. These have been completed and the last batch has left the TMH Tver factory and is currently on its way to Alexandria.

This is the first time third class coaches have been fitted with air-conditioning in Egypt. The interior of the coaches are fitted with curtains and window blinds integrated inbetween the double-glazing.

The interior of the ENR third class coaches. Credit: TMH.

Each coach is fitted with information screens featuring the date, time, exterior and interior temperature and humidity level in both Arabic and English. The exterior livery has been designed to pay tribute to the cultural heritage of the Egyptian pyramids.

The information screens fitted to the third class coaches. Credit: TMH.

“Regardless of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have continuously shipped 35 coaches per month with a stable availability rate at 97% and will continue to do so,” says Mr Kirill Lipa, TMH CEO.

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