Among the projects approved, Bussereau welcomed the call for tender for the so-called Atlantic and Alpine "railway highways", as well increasing the the number of trains on the Perpignan - Luxembourg "railway highway" to three trips daily. Bussereau, who opened the expanded Perpignan St Charles freight terminal on Monday, says that intermodal freight is booming as a result of a 50% increase in state aid. Bussereau also emphasised the importance of estabilishing US-style shortline freight operators this year.

Consisting of representatives from French Rail Network (RFF), operators, users associations, unions, environmentalists and members of parliament, the committee is intended to promote the environmental friendliness of rail and to achieve the French government's ambitious target to increase the share of non-road and non-air freight transport from 14% to 17.5% by 2012, and 25% by 2022.