GETLINK plans to reduce direct C02 emissions by 30% by 2025, having reduced emissions by 33% between 2012 and 2019. The company operates the Channel Tunnel rail system through its Eurotunnel subsidiary.

It has already committed to converting Euro 4000 diesel locomotives, operated by another of its subsidiaries Europorte, to be able to be powered by rape-seed oil. Europorte hopes, in time, to be able to replace its diesel fleet with electric locomotives on routes it covers in France, Belgium and Germany, but this depends on more electrification in France.

Nineteen two-axle, 40-tonne battery locomotives are on order from Socofer to haul maintenance trains inside the Channel Tunnel with deliveries expected to start this year.

Getlink is also trying to encourage modal shift with the aim of increasing freight through the Channel Tunnel, while it also hopes that Eurostar and other entrants will launch new passenger routes such as London - Bordeaux. This follows the recent trend of encouraging modal shift from short-haul flights to domestic high-speed services in France, which Getlink hopes could be applied to international short-haul flights such as London - Paris.

Other objectives including improving air quality in the Channel Tunnel, and reducing waste produced by the company and increased recycling.