The $US 5.5 billion Honolulu High Capacity Transit Corridor will be a
32.2km, 21-station elevated line linking East Kapolei with Pearl City,
the city centre, Honolulu International Airport and Ala Moana Center.
The line will be completed in 2019 and is expected to carry around
119,000 passengers per day.

honolulu.jpgCity authorities are depending on a Federal grant of $US 1.5 billion,
which has not yet been fully allocated. Most of the funding will come
from a 0.5% sales tax launched on Oahu in 2007 and this has contributed
to the $US 620 million raised so far.

"This is a time to celebrate," says mayor Mr Peter Carlisle. "Many
people waited so long and worked hard to finally get to this point.
This project will provide thousands of jobs, relieve traffic
congestion, and pave the way for an exciting future for Oahu