SERVICES have launched on Harbin Metro Line 2, the third metro line in the Chinese city to open following the 26.1km Line 1 in 2013 and the first section of the future circular Line 3 in 2017.

The 28.7km underground line, which runs north to west from Jiangbei University Town to Meteorological Observatory via Harbin railway station, has 19 stations and interchanges with Line 1 at Bowuguan.

The trains are equipped with face and limb recognition software which monitors the driver to ensure they are actively monitoring the train. The interior also features a dynamic map on a 48-inch LCD screen which displays additional information such as coach occupancy. The doors also feature a multimedia screen which displays coach number, occupancy, the time, and other emergency information.

A total of 11,900 trial journeys were completed between May 12 and August 11 covering 307,700 train-km, with a 100% fulfilment rate and a 99.99% punctuality rate. The failure rate for the trains, signalling, power supply and platform screen doors were all above the national standard.

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