Bob Lewis, who was born in 1916, began his railway career with the Pennsylvania Railroad in the operations department in 1934. He worked for the Bessemer & Lake Erie from 1940 to 1941 before joining the US Navy in December 1941. After World War II, he returned to the Pennsylvania Railroad before joining Simmons-Boardman Publishing Corporation as an associate editor of Railway Age in 1947. Lewis served consecutively as associate editor, transportation editor, and circulation director of Simmons-Boardman before being named publisher of Railway Age and its associated technical monthlies in 1956. He also served as president and vice-chairman of the board of Simmons-Boardman.
"Bob Lewis was a great champion of railways and always believed in the future of this industry even when the future looked far from bright," says David Briginshaw, editor-in-chief of IRJ. "This was the case in 1960, when rail transport was facing a huge onslaught from both road and air. Nevertheless, Lewis had the faith and foresight to launch IRJ as the world's first global magazine for the railway industry. Fortunately, Lewis lived long enough to see IRJ reach its 50th year of publication, which is a great testament to his vision."