Itochu Construction Machinery has ordered two Multi Tasker 810 cranes, which will be used for track construction on JR East lines in the Tokyo area. Delivery is scheduled for mid-2015.

The crane will be hauled to the worksite by a purpose-built tractor unit, and Kirow says it will be possible to control the crane remotely from the powered vehicle. Like the crane, the underframe and superstructure of the single-cab tractor unit will be fitted with a slewing ring, allowing the cab and platform to be rotated by 180o, avoiding the need for shunting. The tractor vehicle is being developed and built in collaboration with HeiterBlick, Germany.

Kirow has also secured a second order from JR Central for a standard-gauge Multi Tasker 1000 crane with a slewable counterweight, which will be used on the Shinkansen network. The crane is due to enter service later this year.