Unlike previous generations of Shinkansen trains, the E5 will be
capable of operating at 320km/h, following eight years of studies and
tests by JR East on sophisticated new braking systems designed for
operation at speeds in excess of 300km/h. To meet these requirements,
Knorr-Bremse developed a compact lightweight brake calliper based on an
existing modular design. The brake disks and flexible Isobar sintered
brake pads were specially-developed to cope with the emergency braking
that could be required in the event of an earthquake.

The 10-car
E5 trains are being manufactured by a consortium of Hitachi and
Kawasaki and will initially operate at 300km/h, although they will run
at 320km/h when the Utsonomiya - Morioka section of the Tohoku
Shinkansen is upgraded in 2013. Three E5s will be in service by the
time the Hachinohe - Shin Aomori high-speed line opens next year.