The Series 4000 is the first large diesel engine for rail vehicles to
achieve the rigorous new standards and will be launched in 2012,
initially in 12 and 16-cylinder variants with 8 and 20-cylinder versions
joining the range later. The engine will be available in a power range
of between 1MW and 2.7MW.

Stage IIIB will reduce the maximum particulate levels allowed for rail
diesel engines by 88%, while the upper limit for nitrous oxide emissions
will be 39% lower than the current Stage IIIA standards. Series 4000
achieves this through a combination of cooled exhaust gas recirculation,
two-stage turbocharging, and a revised valve-control system. An
improved common-rail injection system ensures low untreated emissions of

MTU has also developed a new range of StageIIIB-compliant engines for
shunting locomotives and dmus. The Series 1600 is a 12-cyliner engine with a
power output of 565-690kW and will be available from April 2013. From
2014 MTU will also offer 10 and 12-cylinder versions, which will be
compliant with US EPA Tier 4 emissions regulations.