The Bo-Bo locomotives will be assembled at Bombardier's site in Kassel,
Germany, with bodyshells supplied from Wroclaw, Poland. Bogies will be
produced in Siegen, Germany using frames manufactured at Bombardier's
Mátranovák facility in Hungary, while traction and electrical equipment
will be produced at Henningsdorf and Mannheim.
Deliveries will begin in the second quarter of next year and the final
locomotive will arrive in 2013. The 160km/h locomotives will be used on
passenger services within Hungary, and on international workings to
Austria and Germany.

The locomotives are being financed through a €79.6 million loan
agreement between MÁV Traction, the European Investment Bank (EIB), and
KfW Ipex, Germany, which was signed last month. EIB is providing 52% of
the capital and KfW Ipex the remaining 48%.