OMAHA Streetcar Authority, a partnership between the City of Omaha and Omaha Metro, has awarded CAF a contract to supply six LRVs as well as spare parts for the city’s inaugural 5.1km, 16-stop light rail line.

CAF bid $US 47.7m for the contract and the Spanish supplier, which has a plant in Elmira, New York, will supply six three-section Urbos LRVs. The deal includes an option for a further 29 LRVs.

The new line will connect the city’s Blackstone District with the downtown and Riverfront areas. HDR was selected to provide final design for the line in May 2023, with work now more than 90% complete and on course to finish this summer.

The line will include catenary-free sections in the Blackstone District and the Midtown Crossing  and Riverfront areas, where the LRVs will powered by onboard batteries. CAF notes that the inclusion of catenary-free sections is an increasing consideration in US light rail projects, an area where it hopes to secure further success in the future.

The line is expected to cost $US 206.7m to build and require total investment of $US 459m, which includes improvements to related utilities. Work is scheduled to conclude in 2027. The City of Omaha estimates that the project will stimulate $US 1.3bn of investment in the urban core of Omaha by the end of 2024, exceeding initial estimates, rising to $US 3.9bn over the next 15 years.

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