German rail services have seen a 30% increase in passenger traffic, particularly on international routes to Paris and London, and towards Scandinavia. Eurostar has run an extra 33 trains during the last few days and carried 50,000 more passengers than normal. Eurotunnel has doubled its capacity though the Channel Tunnel with Shuttle trains running every 15 minutes. Space reserved for buses has been increased, with 85% more buses using the Shuttle on Sunday than normal.
Extra trains have been running from Paris to Milan and Rome, and capacity has been stepped up between Paris and Madrid and Barcelona, as well as between Paris
and cities in Switzerland.
Russian Railways (RZD) has added 45 coaches to its international services from Moscow to Helsinki, Warsaw, Prague and Vienna and carried an extra 10,000 people on these services between April 16 and 18. Emergency operating centres have been established in Moscow and St Petersburg to monitor the situation.
There has been a revival of overnight trains throughout Continental Europe as well as traditional boat train services to the British ports of Harwich, Holyhead and Fishguard. Virgin Trains and East Coast are running more trains than normal between England and Scotland, and will continue to do so until at least Friday.