JR West was the hardest hit as revenues fell by 6.7% to Yen 1190
billion ($US 12.6 billion), while profits plummeted 54.4% to Yen 24.8
billion. JR Central saw revenues fall 5.3% to Yen 1486 billion with a
27.2% fall in profits to Yen 91.7 billion. JR East revenues dipped 4.6%
to Yen 2573 billion and profits declined by 35.8% to Yen 120.2 billion.
Other JR companies are also expected to publish poor results.

its commitment to cut carbon emissions, Japan's Democratic Party won
last year's national election with a manifesto pledge to reduce
expressway tolls by around 30% on weekdays, with a rate of Yen 1000 on
weekends and national holidays. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure,
Transport and Tourism is planning to trial toll-free expressways
in the near future, and is also considering a Yen 2000 limit on rail fares. 

The JR companies have urged the government to reconsider its policy on road pricing and capping rail fares.