Intermodal operations are expected to account for
around 80% of SBB Cargo International's forecast SFr 300 million ($US
310 million) revenues. SBB holds a 75% stake in the new company, with
Hupac holding the remaining 25%, although other partners may be allowed
to join at a later stage.

sbbcargo-international.jpgThe company has established operating bases in both Italy and Germany, which are its principal markets.

SBB Cargo says the joint venture will build on its decades-long
partnership with Hupac, providing lean and efficient rail haulage for
large-customer intermodal and block train customers.

With its international trade outsourced, SBB Cargo will now turn its
attention to the domestic market and import/export traffic in
collaboration with other railways, with a strong focus on standardised
products. SBB Cargo has lost almost half of its share of the Swiss
market to competitors since the market was liberalised.