SilverRail Technologies AB (formerly Linkon) provides software solutions to handle the selection, sale and distribution of tickets, as well as tools for on-board personnel for rail and bus operations in Scandinavia. The company was previously a wholly owned subsidiary of SJ.

In 2014, SilverRail Linkon acquired 75% of the shares in the company. By using a call option in the parties’ shareholder agreement, SilverRail Linkon has chosen to become sole owner of the company.

“This is a natural step from when SJ sold most of Linkon in 2014,” says SJ CEO, Mr Crister Fritzson. “A sales system used by large parts of the industry should not be owned over time by any individual railway operator.”

“SilverRail Technologies is expanding with a growing local and international customer base,” says SilverRail Technologies AB CEO, Mr Cameron Jones. “This step towards full autonomy is therefore both natural and welcome.”