Traction bogies are fitted with outside-mounted motor
gearbox units, and the vehicle runs on conventional rigid axles. The
five-section vehicle is equipped with four 105kW asynchronous traction
motors controlled by a three-phase ac traction converter, and also
features regenerative braking.
The vehicle already meets Polish regulations and Solaris plans to produce a version certified to German BOStrab standards.
Solaris has already secured a Zlotys 45 million ($US 14.1 million)
contract to supply six Traminos to the city of
Szczecin in western Poland, which will be delivered at the end of next
Solaris' chief designer for rolling stock Mr Jan Karpiński told IRJ that a
pre-series five-section Tramino will be unveiled at the Trako
International Rail Fair in Gdansk on October 14-16. Many of Poland's
3600 trams are now reaching the end of their useful lives, and
Karpiński sees huge potential for Tramino in the domestic market.
Solaris also plans to offer the vehicle to operators in other countries
including France and Romania.