At present Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) services from Taipei to
east coast cities run northeast from the capital through New Taipei
City and Rueifang, before following the Pacific coast south towards

Under the first option, which would cost at least $NT 50.6bn ($US
1.74bn), the line would follow a direct alignment inland from the
Nangang district of Taipei, shortening the route from 72km to 39km and
cutting Taroko Express journey times from 59 minutes to 33 minutes. The
second option would take the line through Dasi in Yilan County and is
less costly at $NT 39.6bn, but would be 49km long and offers a journey
time of 39 minutes.

According to the RRB, the first option would encounter difficult
groundwater and geological conditions, which could be avoided by
routing the line through Dasi. It will be at least 15 months before
plans for either alignment can be submitted for an environmental impact
assessment, and construction could take up to 11 years.

The RRB has prepared an alternative plan to upgrade the coastal line
for higher speeds. This would cost around $NT 34bn, but would reduce
the length of the line by only 12km and journey times by 12-16 minutes.