Growth on the SRT network has been severely constrained in recent years
by inadequate capacity, and around 94% of the 4071km network is single
track. Under the plan approved today, Baht 66 billion will be spent on
track doubling on 767km of the most congested lines in the country by
2015. Between 2015 and 2024 the government also wants to build a 2272km
standard-gauge network at a cost of Baht 258.6 billion.
SRT will buy 77 new locomotives over the next five years and overhaul a
further 56. It will also acquire 26 multiple units, 58
locomotive-hauled coaches, and 308 wagons.
Meanwhile the management of SRT will be split into three business units
covering administration, train operations, and infrastructure. A
subsidiary will also be formed to operate the new Bangkok -
Suvarnabhumi Airport line. Transport minister Mr Sohpon Zarum says he
is confident the railway union will support the plan as a compromise
between its demands and those of SRT.