While the bodyshell is different, the technology used in the PH37ACmai, which will be built by UGL in Australia, is the same as the Class 70 supplied by GE to Freightliner, Britain. The 2.7MW ac locomotive fulfils EU Stage IIIA emissions requirements and can be adapted to meet Stage IIIB. The series reduces CO2 emissions by up to 6% compared with existing operating fleet averages, and according to GE offers a 6% reduction in fuel consumption.
"We have undertaken a significant investment, along with GE, to develop a narrow-gauge locomotive product that represents a considerable advancement in locomotive power technology," says Mr Richard Leupen, UGL managing director and CEO. "Even before the announcement of the carbon tax in Australia, meeting emissions requirements was a critical consideration in the locomotive design process and was driven by the increasing focus of emissions and new regulatory requirements from other parts of the world."
The PowerHaul Series is the second locomotive developed jointly by UGL and GE for the Australian market. Since 2008, UGL and GE have delivered nearly 70 Evolution Series locomotives to Rio Tinto Iron Ore, which recently ordered an additional 13 units for its heavy-haul iron-ore operations in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.