Lot 1 comprises five S-Bahn routes, which are already operated by DB Regio:

  • Lines S1 and S2 (Homburg/Kaiserslautern - Mannheim - Mosbach/Osterburken)
  • Lines S3 and S4 (Karlsruhe/Bruchsal - Heidelberg - Speyer/Germersheim), and
  • Line S33 (Bruchsal – Germersheim).

DB Regio will operate around 8 million train-km per year across the five lines.

NVBW says it expects to launch a tender for Lot 2 in the middle of this year and this will cover the existing lines S5 and S21 (Heidelberg – Sinsheim/Eppingen/Aglasterhausen) and new services on the Mainz - Mannheim, Mannheim - Biblis, Mannheim - Bensheim and Mannheim - Schwetzingen - Karlsruhe lines.