THE mayor of Moscow, Mr Sergey Sobyanin, has opened a new terminal at Vnukovo station as part of the development of Moscow Central Diameter (MCD) Line 4.

The 86km-long MCD-4 will run from Aprelevka in the west to Zheleznodorozhny in the east via Moscow city centre. The commuter rail line will have 37 stations, including 18 interchanges with the metro network and two with the Moscow Central Circle (MCC). Around 30 million people are expected to use the line annually.

Four stations for MCD-4 were opened in 2020, with another two due to open in 2021. Another six stations will be renovated this year, two of which will provide interchanges with metro services.

The construction of Kokoshkino station is now 75% complete. Two platforms have been built, with elevators and escalators still to be installed. Shops, residential areas and restaurants are due to open adjacent to the new terminal.

MCD-1 and MCD-2 were launched on November 21 2019. MCD-3, MCD-4 and MCD-5 are due to open between 2023 and 2024.

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