The 12-year concession will come into force on April 2 2021 and is valued at around SKr 4bn ($US 405m). Five other operators bid for the contract.

The 65km, 891mm-gauge network is electrified at 1.5kV dc and carries about 15 million passengers per year.

“Although the current coronavirus crisis will affect society and public transport for a long period to come, it is important that transport is performed as well as possible,” says Ms Sara Catoni, head of Stockholm Traffic Administration and SL. SL is keen to increase traffic, maintain customer satisfaction, while operating the service in an environmentally-friendly, safe and resource-efficient manner.

Transdev currently operates the Öresund train service in southern Sweden, the coastal service in Östra Götaland, the Upptåget rail service in Uppland and trams in Norrköping. Transdev also operates long-distance train services with open-access operator Snälltåget.