Sener will perform preliminary design, including conceptual design engineering, through a process that will involve analysing various alternatives before selecting the preferred option. Sener will also prepare tender documents for design and build contracts and define the footprint for the environmental impact analysis of the right of way that will be acquired for the project. In addition, it will analyse the viability of a long-bored tunnel for the project and will work closely with Palmdale and Burbank City planners to develop station areas.

Sener has experience of developing high-speed projects and urban integration through numerous Spanish high-speed projects, including the Figueres – Perpignan high-speed line, and developed the renewal of stations in the Polish cities of Wroclaw, Poznan and Lodz to become future high-speed hubs.

"We are going to apply all of our know-how to plan and design an efficient solution that will be respectful of the environment while being accessible and convenient for passengers," says Mr Francisco Fernandez, CEO of Sener USA.