Management of Train Plan Resources Application (Mantra), which is based on a solution developed for SNCF Fret, has been customised to meet Eurostar's needs and will be deployed by the end of 2013.

The system will improve train service planning by integrating Eurostar's various departments onto a single system, enhancing operations management in four primary areas:

• elaborating train planning simulations and offerings by exchanging information between production, marketing and sales teams

• sharing and enhancing the transport master plan through distribution to internal and external parties, including maintenance, infrastructure management, and on-board services teams

• managing rolling stock rotation, and

• assigning trips to specific trains, which includes verify capacity and train operating limits.

The adoption of the system is part of Eurostar's £700m upgrade plan announced in 2010, which includes the purchase of a new fleet of high-speed trains.

"This new solution for managing train schedules and train utilisation enables us to modernise our tools and maintain our growth in Europe," says Mr John Hilton, Eurostar's head of operations. "We expect to improve the quality of our service and streamline performance by leveraging a single tool across all of our business departments, from marketing and sales, to finance and revenue management."