ITALIAN national operator Trenitalia has awarded a €152.8m contract to Hitachi Rail for the provision of integrated logistics support for the maintenance of its fleet of 59 300km/h ETR 500 Frecciarossa high-speed trains. 

The contract covers the management of repair services for the fleet as well as the management of spare parts and components, and is intended to facilitate the optimisation of inventory stock levels and guarantee delivery of materials within 48 hours. 

The six-year contract includes an option for an additional two years. 

It is hoped that the improved logistics arrangements will enable Trenitalia to further increase the availability and efficiency of the high-speed rail operation in Italy. 

The new contract is one of several currently held by Hitachi, with the new supplier also supporting the maintenance of the operator's Frecciarossa 1000 and Frecciargento ETR 700 fleets.