Hitachi will offer its AT400 classic-compatible train which would be a 200m-long eight-car train mounted on bogies and designed for 360km/h operation. “Our concept for HS2 is very fluid,” Mr Jim Bowen from Hitachi told IRJ. “It will be a bespoke product for which we are trying to maximise our supplier chain.”

Talgo is developing its Avril UK concept for operation within the restrictive British loading gauge. This means the British train would only have two-plus-two seating compared with three-plus-two for the Spanish version of Avril which Talgo is supplying to Renfe under a contract awarded in November 2016.

Avril UK would retain Talgo’s articulation system, which avoids the use of conventional bogies. However, while the Spanish version has power cars the British variant would have distributed traction.

An invitation to tender for the contract to supply 54 high-speed trains will be issued in the first quarter of next year with a view to awarding the contract by the end of 2019.