The train will now begin an intensive programme of test running.

As its name implies, HEMU-430X is an emu with distributed traction and has a maximum speed of 430km/h, although the target operating speed is 370km/h. The prototype has six cars, five of which are powered, while the production version is envisaged as an eight-car train with six powered and two trailer cars. The maximum axleload is less than 14 tonnes.

HEMU-430X is powered by 410kW traction motors each of which produces a tractive effort of 9.1kN. The train can accelerate up to 150km/h at 0.5m/s2. There are two types of traction system. One has two IGBT PWM converters and VVVF inverter-controlled asynchronous traction motors, of which there are 16 units of this type, while four units have one IGBT PWM converter and an inverter-controlled permanent synchronous traction motor.

KRRI and Hyundai-Rotem are already looking beyond this prototype to the next stage in Korean high-speed technology with a 500km/h train called HEMU-500X on the horizon.