Cattaneo joined NTV CEO on February 26 2015 facing a moratorium on repayments on NTV's debt and a dispute over plans to reduce the size of the workforce.

One of Cattaneo's first priorities as CEO was the expansion of NTV's network from December 2018 to serve new destinations and increase frequency on existing routes by strengthening the train fleet with the addition of eight Alstom Pendolino sets.

Last October NTV's €681m debts were rescheduled with the aim of paying off 70% by 2028 and the remaining 30% by 2033.

NTV also raised its capital by €60m following an agreement on July 17 2015 although only certain shareholders participated: Mr Diego della Valle, Mr Luca di Montezemolo, Mr Gianni Punzo, Intesa San Paolo, Generali, Mrs Isabella Serragnoli, Mr Alberto Bombassei and Cattaneo himself with a 4% share, which he will continue to hold despite his departure from the company.

Although 2015 closed profitably for the company and Cattaneo's restructuring plan is working well, his resignation leads now to a search for a new CEO, whose functions are temporarily assumed by the president Mr Andrea Faragalli Zenobi.