PUBLIC debate regarding the construction of the new 445km high-speedline from Salerno to Reggio Calabria in southern Italy has ended with the publication of the final report on the Battipaglia - Romagnano section.

All proposals from stakeholders and the local community will now be evaluated at the “Services Conference,” which will close on June 16.

After this, the project will be updated ahead of inviting tenders and opening the first construction sites by the middle of 2023. Once the €22bn project has been completed, the journey time from Rome to Reggio Calabria will be cut from 5h 5min to around 3h 40min.

“The new Salerno - Reggio Calabria high-speed railway line is an extremely complex project which, once completed, will redefine the infrastructural structure of southern Italy, bringing it into line with that existing in other parts of Italy,” says minister for infrastructure and sustainable mobility, Mr Enrico Giovannini.

“The work will produce significant benefits in social, environmental and economic terms, through the speeding up of journeys and connections, the reduction of polluting emissions and the progressive decarbonisation of transport, but above all a greater attractiveness of the territories crossed, also from the tourism point of view.”

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