Under the five-year agreement, Ramboll and Atkins will plan and design the Linköping city section of the 160km, 250km/h East Link project, including location investigation, environmental impact assessment, system action and documentation for environmental testing through the central parts of Linköping.

In June 2015, Cowi and Systra were awarded a contract to provide technical assistance for the 65km Sillekroy - Stavsjö section.

The SKr 54bn ($US 5.8bn) network, which is due to begin operation in 2035, is expected to cut the journey time between Stockholm and Malmö from 4h 30min today to 2h 30min and between Stockholm and Gothenburg by 1 hour to 2 hours.

Earlier this month, Trafikverket announced a review of the cost of the line with a view of preventing costs spiralling.

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