The order for variable-gauge trains is an option from an initial €786m contract to supply and maintain 15 trains, which was awarded in November 2016. The total value of the option is €495m, including €242.7m for the trains and €252.3m for 30 years’ maintenance.

The 330km/h trains will be equipped for international operations with three different electrification systems and multiple signalling systems including ETCS, TVM 430, Asfa Digital, and LZB.

Maintenance will be carried out by a joint company owned by Renfe and Talgo, although Renfe will reserve the right to carry out heavy maintenance independently.

The board of directors also approved a revised delivery plan for the additional trains, which will bring forward entry into service by 5-13 months. This means all 15 trains will be operational by mid-2020.

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