SNCF will cooperate with SŽDC on the creation of a manual which will set parameters for high-speed project planning and the location of worksites.

“The need to create a comprehensive manual for designing high-speed lines in a very short time stems from the strategy adopted by SŽDC last year,” says SŽDC CEO, Mr Jiři Svoboda. “One of the objectives is to ensure the implementation of the government’s programme of high-speed rail development and to begin construction of the first section of high-speed line by 2025. Meeting this deadline requires taking on know-how from another infrastructure manager with experience of high-speed construction and operation.”

SNCF was selected as a partner based on the outputs of SŽDC’s High-Speed Rail Technical and Operational Study.

“No other infrastructure manager has such a comprehensive view of the high-speed rail system as SNCF,” says SŽDC. “Although it would be possible for SŽDC to develop its own standards for the subject matter, it would be time-consuming and would not allow us to make use of the long-term practical experience gained by France, a European pioneer in high-speed rail.”

SNCF was selected for the partnership following consultation with Professor Andrew McNaughton, chairman of the International Union of Railways (UIC) Intercity and High-Speed ​​Committee and SŽDC’s strategic advisor for high-speed rail.