The three sections which form part of the so-called Bergara Node are the 2.7km underground Zumelegi sector from Arrasate to Mondragón-Bergara worth €114.3m, Elorrio – Bergara (2.6km) worth €83.7m, and a 2.9km section in Elorrio worth €68m. The latter entails the construction of three single-track viaducts, the longest of which will be 1490m.

The Bergara Node, which has two other sections totalling 5.6km, is one of the last sections of the Basque Y project leaving only the access lines to Bilbao and Vitoria to be completed. The standard-gauge line will be used by both passenger and freight trains.

The project is partly funded though grants worth €72.1m from the European Union's TEN-T project and loans from the European Investment Bank.