SPANISH high-speed infrastructure manager Adif AV has reported Ebitda of €231.8m for 2022, up from €58.7m the year before, as the opening of new lines and the arrival of new operators increased track access income.

Turnover was up 44% in 2022 at €563.5m, boosted by track access income, which was up 43% on 2021 at €466.5m.

Traffic on the high-speed network managed by Adif AV grew by 34.4% to reach 60.6 million train-km in 2022. Income from station access charges, and for the use of other infrastructure, was up 51% at €96.5m.

The Spanish high-speed network currently stands at 4000km in length, used by an average of 946 trains a day compared with 783 in 2021.

Despite a difficult economic context marked by inflation, the increase in the price of raw materials and the energy crisis following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Adif AV says that its tendering activity in 2022 was “intense.”

Adif AV put 384 contracts out to tender in 2022 with a total potential value of €3.57bn, almost double the total of €1.84bn for 2021.

In 2022 Adif AV awarded 427 contracts with a total value of €1.98bn, up 27% on the 2021 total of €1.56bn.

Overall, Adif AV’s net result for 2022 was a loss of €296.8m, and improvement on the loss of €425.4m reported in 2021.

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