The LRVs are being built at Stadler’s factories in Germany and Switzerland, and the first passenger trip is scheduled for May 2017.

The first LRV constructed was a Variobahn, which has undergone testing at Stadler’s Velten plant near Berlin prior to delivery. The Variobahn is 32m-long, can run at up to 80km/h, and has three double-doors and one single door on each side of the five-section vehicle.

Another 13 Variobahns will be built in Berlin, while 12 Tango tram-trains are being constructed at Stadler’s factory in Altenrhein, Switzerland. These 39m-long vehicles will be able to run at 100km/h because they have a different suspension system from the Variobahn.

Aarhus Letbanen is building a 17-station 12km light rail line through the city centre and a 98km tram-train service to Grenaa and Odder, which is scheduled for completion in mid-2017.

For more on the project see the October 2015 issue of IRJ p44, or click here.