The 44m-long LRVs are scheduled for delivery from mid-2019 and will enter service in October 2020. They will each be able to transport more than 314 passengers, and will be fitted with passenger Wi-Fi. Alstom says the X05 is the latest and lightest tram in its Citadis range, and offers improved energy-efficiency as well as offering a high-level of reliability. In addition, the vehicle is 97% recyclable.

The manufacturer says particular attention was placed on the design of the LRV, which was developed in partnership with Design Saguez & Partners. Eight double-doors on each side of the vehicle will improve the flow of passengers boarding and alighting the tram, while bench seating, 100% LED lighting, and lengthwise information screens will improve interior environment.

Preliminary works is underway on Line T9 while utility diversion work is expected to begin on Line T10 in 2017 after it was granted public utility status on November 9. The 10km Line T9 will run south from an interchange with metro Line 7 and light rail line T3 at Porte de Choissy, serving six districts including Vitry sur Seine, Choisy-le-Roi, Thais, and Orly. Construction is expected to begin next year, and the line should be commissioned in 2020.

Line T10 is an L-shaped 8.2km line running from Place du Garde in Clamart, via Béclère Hospital to La Croix de Berny on RER Line B to the south of Paris. It is planned to open in 2020-21.