The basic structure of the eastern entrance ramp to the future underground station at Augsburg Main Station was completed earlier this year, although track and electrification have not yet been installed. The 120m-long ramp takes the track down to a depth of 14m and was constructed using cut-and-cover techniques.

Work is now underway to build the 400m double-track underground section, which is at 90o to the heavy rail lines above. The tram platforms will be located beneath a new underground ticket hall, which is being constructed as part of the modernisation of the station, and this will create a three-level transport interchange.

Immediately west of the new underground tram station an underground turning loop will be built, underneath part of the current freight yard, enabling trams to turn back to the city centre from the main station.
Construction of the underground ticket hall and tram station will require partial closure of the mainline station so structures can be built beneath the existing platforms and tracks. To aid this process a completely new platform will be added on the western side of the station which will increase capacity from 2017. DB Networks is planning to invest €106m to renew mainline infrastructure, taking advantage of the phased partial closure of the station to carry out this work.

The €177m underground tram station is due to open in 2022.

The city is also planning to build a new tram Line 5 from Luitpoldbrücke station on Line 3 west of the main station to Klinikum via P+R Augsburg West. Both of these stations are located at the end of existing line 2 which runs northwest from the city centre via Augsburg Oberhausen mainline station. Construction costs for the 4.2km line, which will include four new stations, are estimated at €62m. Detailed design is now underway and final planning permission is due to be granted later this year, enabling construction to begin. Services are expected to start in 2019.