The 24m-long LRVs will have capacity for 133-146 passengers, depending on the interior layout, and will serve up to 45,000 people per day. Avignon is the second French customer for the Citadis Compact following Aubagne which ordered eight trams in October 2011.

Alstom says the interior and exterior features of the LRVs will reflect the city's architectural heritage. The vehicles will be fitted with large bay windows, air-conditioning and real-time information displays while an option exists to add up to two additional sections to the three-section trams depending on demand for services in Avignon. They will be fitted with 750V dc traction equipment.

The LRVs will be designed and built at various Alstom plants across France and are scheduled to enter commercial service in late 2016.

Avignon's light rail network will consist of the 9.2km, 16-station Line A, and the 5.3km, 10-station Line B. Construction is expected to start by the end of the year or in early 2014, and take two years to complete.