The 10.8km line from Kaigaten in the city centre to Fyllingsdalen in the south will add nine stations to the network, with a journey time of around 19 minutes between the termini.

The line is divided into three sections. The northern section from Lungegårdkaien to Kronstad is 2.2km long and includes a 1.4km tunnel with an underground station serving Haukeland hospital. The new line will intersect with Line 1 at Kronstad, where there will be a connection between the two lines.

Section 2 will link Kronstad with Kanalveien and Kristianborg, while Section 3 will extend the line to Spelhaugen in Fyllingsdalen via a 2.9km tunnel under the Løkstatten mountain.

The project is expected to cost NKr 6.2bn ($US 730m) and construction will begin next year, with the first trams running to Fyllingsdalen in 2022.

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