The 7.2km branch line runs Cracovie via Bruges to Blanquefort in the north of the city and has six stations, two of which have park-and-ride facilities. The journey time from Blanquefort to Quinconces takes 25 minutes to Bordeaux Saint-Jean station 36 minutes.

The northern half of the extension parallels an existing mainline railway between Bruges and Blanquefort with LRVs and trains operating on parallel single-track lines. However, the two tracks might be integrated in the future to operate as a double-track line with LRVs running north of Blanquefort as a tram-train operation.

Alstom has supplied 26 Citadis LRVs which have a maximum speed of 70km/h to cope with the relatively long distance between stations which are more than 500m apart.

Alstom will supply another 15 LRVs to Bordeaux Métropole in time for the opening of Line D in late 2018 or early 2019. The 15-station Line D will run for 9.8km from an interchange with lines B and C at Quinconces to Le Bouscat, Bruges, and Eysines, where it will terminate at a 500-space park-and-ride station at Cantinolle. For more information on fleet orders and light rail projects subscribe to IRJ Pro.