BSAG will decide exactly how many vehicles it intends to purchase and refurbish when it issues a call for tender in mid-2014. It is currently planning to acquiring a minimum of 15 LRVs, with options to purchase a total of 38, 57 or 77 vehicles. A minimum of 20 GT8N LRVs will be refurbished, but this could be increased to 39 or 62 vehicles.

All of the vehicles will need to be equipped with a wheelchair lift at the leading passenger door. The new LRVs must have a 100% low floor, be 2.65m wide, and up to 37m long, with a maximum height of 3.65m. They should have around 100 seats and 135 standing places, plus five multiple-use areas. The maximum axleload should be 116kN. The LRVs will operate on lines electrified at 600V dc, which will later be converted to 750V dc.

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