The proposal follows an agreement signed between FS and Brescia Mobility on March 29, and is based on a network design included in the municipality’s sustainable urban plan for mobility (Pums) which envisaged two tram lines, T2 and T3, interchanging with the city’s current driverless metro line and forming the backbone of the city’s urban mobility strategy.

Lines T2 and T3 will share a common route through the city centre, connecting with the metro at the main station and San Faustino station. Line T2 will run from Pendolina in the north to Fiera in the southwest, while Line T3 will link Violino in the west with Viale Bornata in the east.

The municipality will evaluate the proposal by December 31, before forwarding the submission to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to access State funds to partially finance the project. If approved by the ministry, the network will begin operation in April 2027.