The two LRVs were used to transport passengers attending the second Summer Youth Olympic Games being staged in Nanjing between August 16 and 28. The LRVs ran on the 8km Hexi Line which only has conventional catenary on 10% of the route. The Hexi Line will be operated by eight LRVs, four of which have been delivered so far, while the remaining seven vehicles will be introduced on the 9km Qilin Line when it opens later this year.

The LRVs, which are based on Bombardier's Flexity 2 design, are being built by CSR, while Bombardier is supplying its Primove Li-Ion battery system which is recharged from the catenary at stops and during acceleration. Bombardier says this is the first commercial operation of its Primove traction batteries and the first use of Li-Ion batteries for catenary-free operation. Bombardier is also supplying Mitrac propulsion and control equipment, and Flexx Urban 3000 bogies.