Israel’s National Council for Design and Construction approved plans for the Shekels 5.9bn ($US 1.6bn) line, which will run from Haifa to Tufic Zayad in Nazareth and will serve 17 stations, including nine with park-and-ride facilities, in February 2017.

The project design tender includes preliminary and final design, detailed design and professional services for the first phase, and design for the second phase which includes a PPP tender.

The design assurance consultant will be responsible for engineering consulting for the railways systems, rolling stock, trains and operation and maintenance of the LRT system. It will also review the current specifications and design criteria and suggest changes, and carry out technical assurance from design to operation.

Tenders for the project designer contract must be submitted by October 15, while the deadline for design assurance consultant bids is November 15.

During the first phase of the tender, Cross Israel Highway will review the general information and the threshold requirements of the tenders, before scoring the bids in a second phase.

Detailed information on the tenders can be found at

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