The 8.9km line, which connects Shangzhong with Haitian Park, is entirely catenary free due to the prevalence of typhoons.

CNR Dalian signed a 10-year licensing agreement in 2012 with AnsaldoBreda, Italy, for the production of Sirio LRVs in China, while Ansaldo STS signed a similar agreement with CNR Dalian and General Resources Company for its TramWave ground-power supply system. Trial operation started in November 2014 with the first two Sirio LRVs on a 1.7km section.
Zhuhai intends to build another 10.2km section under phase 2 of the project, while a second line is planned as part of a 147.3km network.

CRRC Dalian will build six LRVs for the Xijiao Line in Beijing once the Zhuhai vehicles have been completed. Production is expected to reach 100 LRVs next year.