A contract to undertake project management for the Line T5 light rail project in Nice has been awarded to Ingérop, leader of the TramVen consortium, which will be working with its partners Egis and architectural practice LA/BA.

Line T5 will link the east of Nice with La Trinité and Drap in the northeast. The first section of the line is scheduled to open at the end of 2025, with the entire line to be completed in 2028.

The new route is expected to carry 50,000 passengers per day and reduce peak hour road traffic by 20% to 25%.

The 7.6km Line T5 will start at Palais des Expositions (to be renamed Palais des Arts et de la Culture) on Line T1, connecting again with Line T1 at Pont Michel.

It then follows the left bank of the river Paillon, crossing to the right bank after Ponts Jumeaux, then serving Bon Voyage and Ariane before crossing back to the left bank to serve La Trinité before terminating in Drap.

The line will be planted with vegetation throughout to minimise the amount of heat retained by the new infrastructure, avoid soil sealing and foster biodiversity.

A cycle path will be created alongside the light rail route, and three park and ride facilities with over 250 car parking spaces each will created at strategic locations.

Through the Essia consortium, Ingérop and Egis worked from 2010 to 2019 to deliver lines T2 and T3 in Nice. Since 2021 they have been working on Line T4 through the Tram 4 West consortium.

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