The order is the third made by AVG as part of a 2009 framework agreement for up to 75 vehicles, which will be used on the 663.4km Karlsruhe network. Delivery of the remaining vehicles is scheduled before mid-2021. When completed, the new vehicles will increase the total number of Flexity LRVs in service on the Karlsruhe network to 62.

The 37m-long tram-trains have space for up to 244 passengers per vehicle, of which 93 can be seated. Up to three vehicles can be coupled together for higher capacities during peak times. The tram-trains also boast additional multi-functional areas for wheelchairs, prams and bicycles, and come equipped with modern passenger information systems.

The tram-trains, which were manufactured at Bombardier’s Vienna facility, are also manufactured for greater sustainability, use recyclable materials and are painted with a water-soluble paint.

“With the new vehicles, we are continuing to modernise our fleet while increasing passenger capacity,” says Mr Ascan Egerer, technical engineer for AVG. “The new vehicles will enable us to offer our passengers the best possible comfort and high-quality standards, making public transport a more attractive option for people in the region.”

“In the coming weeks, the vehicles will be prepared for operation, tested and authorised for passenger service on site,” says Mr Dirk Wunderlich, head of the German cities business unit at Bombardier. “Since the new vehicles differ only slightly in technical terms from the proven vehicles already in service, I expect the authorisation to be completed quickly.”

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