The initial 3.6km eight-station northern section between LuxExpo and Rout Bréck-Pafendall (Pont Rouge) opened in December 2017, and this will now be extended to Place de l'Etoile with three additional stops. This will be the first section to have catenary-free operation.

As a result, Luxtram has awarded a €40m contract to CAF for an additional 12 Urbos 3 LRVs fitted with supercapacitor accumulator technology for ground-level rapid charging at stations. This will add to the 21 LRVs which CAF has already supplied to Luxtram.

Luxtram plans to extend the line to Luxembourg Central Station by 2020. A 4.9km extension from there to Cloche d’Or, and a 3.9km extension from Luxexpo via Héienhaff to Findel Airport are due to open in 2021.