OPERATIONS began on a 4km extension of Luxembourg’s light rail network on July 7.

The new line, construction of which started in 2022, runs southwest of the city centre through the new Cloche d’Or business district, from Lycée Bouneweg to Luxembourg’s new national stadium. There are five new stops at Scillas, Howald Station, Lycée Vauban, Waassertuerm and Stadion.

This is the fifth time that the LuxTram network has been extended since it was first inaugurated in 2017 and brings the total number of stops to 22. The recent extension is not entirely complete: at Howald a bridge across a railway line is still undergoing widening, and single-track working is currently in operation.

“I am convinced that this extension will further develop the quality of life of all those who live there, without forgetting commuters from the south of the country who will be able to benefit from the new hub at Stadion that is now fully operational,” says Ms Lydie Polfer, Luxembourg city mayor.

The current LuxTram fleet of 33 CAF Urbos 100 LRVs is now carrying 100,000 passengers a day, a figure expected to grow to 300,000 by 2035. Further additions to the city’s single light rail line are planned, including a 3.7km northern extension, with two stops, from LuxExpo to Luxembourg Airport at Findel, expected to open in early 2025. Two more extensions, to Kirchberg and Hollerich, were approved in February.

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