Two extensions, which are to be completed by 2021, are planned. A 4.9km line from Luxemburg central station to Cloche d’Or with seven stops, and a 3.9km line from Luxexpo via Héienhaff to Findel Airport.


The cost of the extensions is estimated at €214m, of which €115m is for the Cloche d’Or line and €99m for the line to Findel airport. In contrast with the first tram line, the state of Luxemburg will finance the extension project.

It is also planned to order 12 LRVs in addition to the 21 45m-long bidirectional Urbos vehicles which CAF is supplying under an €83m contract awarded in May 2015.

The section which opens in December will run from Luxexpo to Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg, where an interchange with a new main line station has been constructed. The line will be extended from Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg to Central Station in 2019-20.